General Application Tips and Guidelines

A few insider tips for putting together your proposal:

Please note: Important changes have been made to the BravoFACT application process. Click here for updated information.

Only those selected to receive funding will be contacted directly by BravoFACT. Unfortunately we are unable to provide feedback to all applicants.  Jury results will be posted on our website following each adjudication meeting.  We encourage you to check the website periodically after submitting your application.  Award amounts are final.


  • Awards are available for Canadian producers and directors who seek to create entertaining and engaging short-form content, both scripted (BravoFACT) and documentary (BravoFACTUAL), for Bell Media.
  • A director or producer attached to an undelivered BravoFACT or BravoFACTUAL project may not apply. Please note, applicants may only receive one grant at a time.
  • A director or producer who has completed and delivered three or more BravoFACT scripted narrative projects may only apply as a mentor on subsequent applications. However, he/she may apply for a BravoFACTUAL short documentary award.


  • Awards are for new projects not yet in production. We do not fund completed works.
  • We accept creative, narrative proposals.
  • The project must be considered as Canadian Content according to the guidelines set out by the CRTC. For more information, please visit to ensure your project qualifies.
  • For the technical treatment, please provide a description of the technical aspects of your project – what kind of film/camera you will be using and why, any lighting or special effects or animation techniques you will be using, etc. The technical treatment should be about one paragraph to one page long, depending on the complexity of your project.


  • The script MUST conform to the Canadian Association of Broadcasters and Canadian Broadcast Standards Council Code of Ethics
    • Nudity, graphic violence and profane language are prohibited.
  • Industry Standard is 1 screenplay page = 1 minute of screen time.
  • If you do not use a screenplay formatting program such as Final Draft, basic formatting details are as follows:
    • Top page margin is .5″ (or three single lines) before the page number.
    • Bottom page margin is at least .5″ (or three single lines).
    • Total page length is a maximum of 60 lines, including page number and CONTINUEDs (but not including the 3 line margins at the top and bottom of the page).
    • Paper size is 8.5″ wide by 11″ long.
    • Use 12-point Courier (not Courier New) or Prestige Pica. These are fixed-pitch fonts that yield ten (10) characters per horizontal inch and six (6) lines per vertical inch.
  • All applicants should ensure that their scripts and treatments have had their spelling and grammar checked–scripts with multiple spelling and grammatical errors will be disqualified from consideration.
  • Please make sure that character names are consistent and do not change throughout the course of the script. This is very confusing for the jury when evaluating your script.


  • Please submit your proposed budget using the form provided in the application.
  • You may request up to $50,000 as justified by your project. Exact award amounts to be determined by the jury.
  • We will consider projects with a running time of up to 10:00 minutes (excluding title and credits).
  • When filling out the Additional Financing Sources area, do not include the amount you are requesting from BravoFACT. In addition, do not include donations/cash deferrals from the Donated column. This area is for other grants you have applied for (from the NFB, for example) or broadcast second-window commitments or private investment funding (again, this cannot include donations/deferrals).
  • As per broadcast industry standards, Bravo requires all new productions to obtain E&O insurance. Please be sure to allocate a portion of your budget for this.


  • Please click here for instructions on sending demo reels.


  • If you’re adapting a published short story you must obtain permission to use the story for your project and provide a copy of the confirmed rights.
  • Any clearance rights, whether for music, brand logos, or other copyrighted material, must be WORLDWIDE, FOR ALL MEDIA, IN PERPETUITY


  • The award is conditional upon the following points;
  • Changes to a project that has been granted an award (including, but not limited to) production team, performers, running time and concept must first be approved by BravoFACT.
  • BravoFACT reserves the right to withdraw the offer of the award if changes are made to a proposal after receiving an award (including, but not limited to) changes in the production team, performers, running time or concept.
  • The copyright is retained by the awardee, while Bravo and its affiliated and related services receive the right of first broadcast and thereafter non-exclusive broadcast and non broadcast rights.
  • In exceptional circumstances, BravoFACT may allow a theatrical pre-release of the finished project.


  • When corresponding with us ALWAYS mention the title of your project.
  • If you are applying as an emerging producer, we recommend you connect with a mentor producer who can assist you throughout the production to ensure the delivery of a broadcast quality short.
  • Please keep a copy of your completed application.