Application Tips and Guidelines: BravoFACTUAL


  • Grants are available for Canadian producers and directors who seek to create entertaining and engaging short-form content, both scripted and documentary, for Bell Media.
  • A director or producer attached to an undelivered BravoFACTUAL project may not apply.
  • A director or producer who has completed and delivered three or more BravoFACTUAL short documentary projects may only apply as a mentor on subsequent applications. However, he/she may apply for a BravoFACT scripted narrative award.


  • The running time of the proposed film must be included in the application. Although the time may be amended after early creative discussions with BravoFACTUAL, the maximum run time per film is 15:00 (not including title or credits).
  • It is anticipated there will be a wide range of budgets, not necessarily determined by the proposed length of the films.  Budgets must reflect  the story’s complexity, specific production elements, any special production techniques, required archival footage and/or, music rights, E&O insurance and any other requirements which result from the creative materials.  The maximum amount granted to a BravoFACTUAL project will be $50,000.


  • Applications will be reviewed three months after the submission deadline.
  • Selected productions will have six months to complete their short documentary.
  • Grant monies will be released in stages, after meetings with BravoFACTUAL consultants during the production process.


  • Applicants are invited from all levels of experience in the production community.
  • Applicants with limited experience in documentary production, including research, video story-telling, cinematography, editing, etc. are encouraged to recruit the services of experienced people.
  • Please note: BravoFACT does not award grants to film projects that are made as part of a film studies program. A student who is making an Independent Film, not assisted by the film program, is eligible if they can demonstrate the skills necessary to produce a broadcast quality short.


  • We encourage applicants to find stories from their own regions so that BravoFACTUAL shorts reflect the diversity and richness of cultures and personalities in Canada. They may deal with issues of national or local interest.
  • These “micro-docs” may be political in nature or examine current social issues; they may re-visit moments from our history or introduce us to key characters that played a role in the shaping of Canada; they may be stories from the arts and popular culture or mini-bios or an exploration of trends shaping our lives; they may be about health and medicine, science and technology, natural history or wildlife.  The films may explore big themes which affect many people or smaller, more personal stories that reflect the filmmakers’ own personal life experiences.
  • Your application must demonstrate the strong potential for a film which will engage audiences with compelling and original stories. We are interested in films which are full of insight, films which illuminate the human condition, with all its failings and triumphs; films which are memorable and entertaining.


  • The outline should clearly indicate how the proposed story will be told in a fifteen minute short documentary film. Please identify what aspects of the topic, story and characters will be examined and how much context for the subject will be included in the film.


  • Alongside straight mini-docs, we also allow docudramas, where real material is mixed with some dramatic recreation.


  • As part of the application, BravoFACTUAL applicants must demonstrate that they have acquired any applicable underlying rights or life-story elements required to produce the micro-doc.

[Note:Release forms typically come during the production process when the filmmaker is shooting]