About BravoFACTUAL

In September 2013, Bravo introduced BravoFACTUAL awards to be granted by the BravoFACT(Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) jury for the production of short form documentary projects. Selected projects will be eligible to apply for up to a maximum $50,000 in production funding.

Following the same mandate as for scripted BravoFACT shorts, BravoFACTUAL projects will reflect themes, large and small, produced by directors and producers from across Canada.

The next BravoFACTUAL deadline will be announced later in the year.

The Award Description

BravoFACTUAL awards range up to a maximum of $50,000 based on variables such as the complexity of the outline, production techniques and rights acquisition.

Payment of the award is made as per the Agreement with BravoFACT. Filmmakers will be invited to meet with BravoFACTUAL consultants who will be available at several stages during the process of making their documentary. The award is issued in several installments based upon a schedule of production bench marks to make sure the production is consistent with the approved  project.

Written approval from BravoFACT is required for any changes to a project including (but not limited to) production team, performers, running time and concept .

Please note: award amounts are final

BravoFACTUAL Application

The Application consists of a detailed proposal outline*, (maximum of four pages), a proposed budget and production schedule; CVs and footage of previous work for the producer, director and any other required production personnel such as DOP, sound recordist, editor etc. Releases may also be required from on camera participants.

*The outline should clearly indicate how the proposed story will be told in a fifteen minute short documentary film. Please identify what aspects of the topic, story and characters will be examined and how much context for the subject will be included in the film.

Audio/Visual Support Material information: if your film is about a specific place or characters please include some AV material of the location/characters of your film. Other AV support material can include: interview clips, and any video material you have shot which illustrates the subject matter, archival material, or a trailer made for the proposed film. The URL’s should directly support the current project proposal. Trailers can be created from interview clips, images and stock footage. They are not mandatory but are welcome.

The proposal should be original and entertaining, and may explore a wide range of subjects; cultural, historical, political, social, scientific, artistic…the possibilities are limitless!

BravoFACTUAL: Application Tips and Guidelines

BravoFACTUAL Application Form

Final Delivery Documents


The proposed budget must be outlined using the form provided in the application.

You may request up to $50,000 as justified by the creative elements of your project and finance plan.

Recognizing the dramatic improvements in production technology, we encourage and welcome proposals from applicants with smaller production teams and proven multi-tasking abilities. We expect that the composition of the production team will be reflected in the proposed budget.

When filling out the Additional Financing Sources area, do not include the amount you are requesting from BravoFACT.  This area is for other grants or private investment funding or broadcast second-window commitments.

You may not apply for grants from both BravoFACT and BravoFACTUAL for the same project.

The budget must be used entirely for production, including legal fees and  the cost for acquiring required rights from key participants (see below).  The grant may not be used for publicity, festival fees or marketing costs.


At the time of signing the Agreement with BravoFACT, you must provide written proof of intent to participate from the key participants.

Any clearance rights, whether for music, brand logos, or other copyrighted material, must be WORLDWIDE, FOR ALL MEDIA, IN PERPETUITY

E&O Insurance is required.

Copyright is retained by the awardee, while Bravo and its affiliated and related services receive the exclusive right of first broadcast, TV or internet, and thereafter non-exclusive broadcast and non broadcast rights.