About BravoFACT

About BravoFACT

Since 1995, BravoFACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) has distributed millions of dollars in awards to Canadians for the production of short form scripted projects. Many of the resulting works have been honoured with awards around the world.

Today, BravoFACT continues to provide awards to Canadian producers and directors who seek to create entertaining and engaging short-form content, both scripted and documentary, for Bell Media.

BravoFACT’s objectives are to:

  • Support and foster Canadian talent and production companies.
  • Provide funding for the production of short-form projects, both scripted and documentary, suitable for Bell Media.
  • Provide a broad platform for showcasing the resulting work, via the international reach of bravofact.com and BravoFACT’s YouTube channel.

BravoFACT welcomes applications from all regions of Canada.

A director or producer attached to an undelivered BravoFACT or BravoFACTUAL project may not apply.

50% of funds for both BravoFACT and BravoFACTUAL are awarded to female-led projects. To qualify as a female-led project either the Producer or Director must be female.

As an English language broadcaster, all projects must either be in English or contain English subtitles.

Please note that we do not fund 360 degree VR films or performance oriented projects (i.e. dance or musicals). Our focus is on narrative filmmaking.

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Please note: Important changes have been made to the BravoFACT application process. Click here for updated information.

BravoFACT Jury

The jury which is chaired by Michael Levine and composed of senior Bell Media executives and outside industry professionals meets several times per year in order to evaluate submitted applications.

Please note: award amounts are final

BravoFACT Staff

Gregg Stewart – Associate Director, Music Marketing Strategy + MuchFACT & BravoFACT | Bell Media

Rachel Feldbloom-Wood – Grants Administrator – Rachel.Feldbloomwood@bellmedia.ca

Norma Garcia – Content Coordinator – Norma.Garcia@bellmedia.ca

Program Consultants:

Richard Crouse, bravoFACT

Bob Culbert, bravoFACTUAL

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