BravoFACTUAL Award Winners Announced From June 27, 2017 Jury Meeting

All short documentary projects selected for BravoFACTUAL awards at the June 27 meeting are listed below. Thank you to everyone that applied. Applicants who received an award will be contacted directly with information outlining the amount awarded and other important details.

Below is a list of the award recipients from this round. Congratulations!

5,000 Kilometres Away
Producer: Naomi Mark
Director: Vivian Belik 
A quiet, middle-aged biologist living in the backwoods of the Yukon gets involved in a satanic child molestation case involving a group of queer, Latina women in Texas. This short documentary delves into the world of Darrell Otto, a man who singlehandedly re-opened a criminal case that fated four innocent women to a lifetime in prison.

Barrier Free-The Perspective on Disabled Artistry and Activism of Adam Cohoon
Fotis Kanteres (Director/Producer)
The film explores media artistry and activism in the physically disabled community, through the perspective and experience of filmmaker Adam Cohoon, in conjunction with structured interviews with other film and media artists with physical disabilities in Toronto.

Bella’s Story
Producer: Petie Chalifoux
Director: Michael Auger
Bella’s Story tells the tragic and compelling tale of a young Indigenous woman who mysteriously plunged to her death from the 31st floor of a Toronto high-rise tower on July 20, 2013, and the ensuing devastation the family has and continues to endure in this unsolved case of a murdered Indigenous woman.

Bernie Langille Wants to Know – Who Killed Bernie Langille
Producer: Jessica Brown
Director: Jackie Torrens 
Bernie Langille is a mild mannered 33-year-old electrical equipment salesman looking for insight into the mysterious death of his grandfather, who died savagely in 1968, and whose death has become an obsession for Bernie to solve.

Producer: Shea Davie
Director: Chris Greef
This film follows Director Christopher Greef’s investigation into his deceased father’s complex history as a pornographer in the 1970s, and the effects his career had on his estranged family.

Everything is True
Producer: Aaron Hancox
Director: Kyle Sanderson
In the summer of 2011, Andrew McGill has a startling epiphany: The only truth in the universe is love. Two weeks later, he is arrested for breaking into Toronto’s Scotiabank tower in an attempt to save the object of his desire; a woman whom pedestrians had telepathically informed him was trapped on the roof. This story is about a young man’s attempt to retrace the steps of his psychotic episode to gain insight into the inner workings of his mind.

Leon Redbone: Created in Canada
Producer:Jason Charters
Director: Liam Romalis
The first ever film about a man whose 50-year career has been built on memory and mystery. Leon Redbone was once called “The Great Gatsby of Music” and is known as one of the most enduring and beloved mysteries in Canadian pop music.

Letisha’s Well
Producer: Peg Peters
Director: Matej Balaz 
On November 1, 2016 the Reimer family and the community of Abbotsford endured the loss of someone special; daughter, sister, and friend Letisha. The film follows Uli Reimer and his family on a journey of healing through giving, as they travel to Ethiopia to inaugurate a clean water well, named in honour of their daughter.

Pity Face
Producer/Director: Chanda Chevannes
Having breast cancer sucks, but for Lisa, a multi-disciplinary artist, one of the worst things is when people look at her with pity. This intimate documentary begins as Lisa emerges from treatment. We then follow her into her studio and witness her working to create a one-woman stage show about her experience with cancer. She calls it “Pity Face”.

Idea(s) of North
Producer: Calum de Hartog
Director: Hubert Davis 
Idea(s) of North is a modern interpretation of Glenn Gould’s 1967 classic documentary, Idea of North, as seen through the eyes and creative journey of renowned African Canadian musician Andrew Forde.

Turning Tables
Producer: Tanya Hoshi
Director: Chrisann Hessing
Joshua DePerry, also known as DJ Classic Roots, is a Toronto-based music producer and performer pioneering “PowWow Techno”, a unique genre that combines traditional Aboriginal sounds with contemporary Electronica. Deftly navigating the two worlds that inspire his music, he takes us on a journey in search of cultural freedom, putting his own spin on what it means to be urban and Indigenous.