Ariel Unraveling (2015)

Province: British Columbia
Discipline(s): Drama
Duration: 00:09:01
Credit(s): Carmen Moore,Director

Naim Sutherland, Director of Photography

Marco Perri, Animator/VFX

Patricia Uma Rawal, Animator

Marco Perri, Editor

Mary Galloway, Writer

Telmo Miranda, Composer

Jonathan Alexander, Actor

Jaykaybie Brown, Actor

Jake Foy, Actor

Bob Fraser, Actor

Taylor Hastings, Actor

Dale Hunter, Actor

Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Actor

Carmen Moore, Actor

Mary Galloway, Actor

Mary Galloway, Co-Producer

Sage Brocklebank, Producer

Patrick Sabongui, Producer

Danielle Stott-Roy, Producer

Robin Nielsen, Producer

Life Force Films, Production Company

Bright Shadow Productions Inc, Production Company

Description: A 16 year old girl, Ariel, grew up banished to the basement with only one fairy tale movie as her basis for reality, what will happen when she sees the outside world for the first time and realizes it is nothing like she expected?