Prison Fight (2016)

Province: Ontario
Discipline(s): Documentary
Duration: 00:15:32


Robert Pilichowski, Director

John Minh Tran, Director of Photography

Steve Guise & Robert Pilichowski, Editor

Ari Posner, Composer

Ryan Cherewaty, Animator/VFX

Sean McNabb, Subject

Komkit Agorn Ketnawk, Subject

Ann Shin, Executive Producer

Robert Pilichowski, Producer

Erica Leendertse, Associate Producer

Rouse & Fable, Production Company

Description: PRISON FIGHT tells the profoundly moving story of Sean McNabb, who has recently taken up the sport of Muay Thai after the passing of his older brother. Eager to make his brother proud, he travels to the birthplace of the sport to partake in Prison Fight, an event that pits foreigners against inmates. Prisoners are given a chance at rehabilitation and the possibility of even lessening their sentences. Sean’s journey brings him face to face with Komkit Ketnawk, who has been incarcerated for drug trafficking. While Sean fights to honor his brother and to build a name for himself, Komkit literally fights for his freedom.