Stage to Screen: Wakening (2013)

Province: Ontario
Discipline(s): Drama
Duration: 00:08:48
Credit(s): Danis Goulet, Director/Story By

Tony Elliott, Writer/Story By

Daniel Grant, Director of Photography

Jonathan Eagan, Editor

Keegan Jessamy, Composer

Bryce Mitchell, Composer

Sarah Podemski, Actor

Gail Maurice, Actor

Sebastian Koever, Puppeteer

Christine Kleckner, Producer

Glen Wood, Producer

Jordana Aarons, Producer

Viddywell Films, Production Company

Description: Through the thick fog that obscures the sun, thanks to global warming, Mukwa makes her way through destitute urban streets. She has come from Quadrant 57 (Cree territory) to find the only being who has the power to save humankind – the Witigo. But with time running out the Witigo is Mukwa’s last resort – because the Witigo lives off human flesh.

Wakening will have its World Premier at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.