The Perfection of the Moment (2005)

Province: Alberta
Discipline(s): Drama
Spoken Word
Theme(s): LGBT
Duration: 00:04:16
Credit(s): Corey Lee, Writer/Director

Alec Harrison, Composer

Robin Loewen, Director of Photography

Ken Filewych, Editor

Cam Sutherland, Actor

Gillian Carfra, Actor

Joel McNichol, Actor

Ken Zilka, Actor

Wally Houn, Actor

John Gould, Author

Susan Bristow, Producer

enriquePoe Moving Pictures, Production Company

Description: A man walks along a deserted downtown street in the wee hours of Sunday morning. As a truck careens toward him, we are forced to consider the consequences of actions, and the alternate courses one might take…

The Perfection of the Moment won the Reel Canadian Indie Award at the Canadian Filmmakers Festival in Toronto in March 2007.