Gravity of Center trilogy (2011)

Province: Ontario & Quebec
Discipline(s): Dance
Theme(s): modern
Duration: 00:04:32, 00:04:42, 00:04:21
Credit(s): Thibaut Duverneix, Director

Victor Quijada, Choreographer

Jasper Gahunia, Composer

Christophe Collette, Director of Photography

Thibaut Duverneix, Editor

Victor Quijada, Editor

Anne Plamondon, Dancer

Daniel Mayo, Dancer

Elon Hoglund, Dancer

Emmanuelle Le Phan, Dancer

Victor Quijada, Dancer

Natalie Galazka, Producer

Sach Baylin-Stern, Producer

Antler Films, Production Company

Description: An investigation of the herd vs. pack mentality, the dichotomy of abundance and scarcity, and the inner conflict between social assimiliation vs. the need for individualism.