What You Eat (2008)

Province: Ontario
Discipline(s): Drama
Duration: 00:06:00
Credit(s): Jennifer Liao, Writer/Director

Portly Panda Music, Composer

Jonathan Robbins, Director of Photography

Jonathan Robbins, Editor

Adrian Roberto, Actor

Darren Adderley, Actor

Peter Nelson, Actor

Ricardo Hoyos, Actor

Ben Ehrenreich, Author

Darren Adderley, Producer

Jennifer Liao, Producer

Believerville Productions, Production Company

Description: Over the course of his childhood in the country, a boy is tormented by his domineering father, a man with a firmly held belief that if you kill something, you must also eat it.

What You Eat screened at the 2008 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, 2009 ReelWord Film Festival, and the 2009 Slow Food on Film Festival (Italy).