Dames of March

Women – funny, smart, provocative, loveable and so much more.

Celebrate International Women’s Day, March 8th, with our March playlist dedicated to Women everywhere.

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Selected shorts include: Where are the Dolls by Cassandra Nicolaou,  a fictional version of Elizabeth Bishop’s poem, “Where are the dolls who loved me so…”; In gender bender Boss of Me, directed by Brett Blackwell, a male kindergarten teacher pushes his assassin wife’s button; A woman’s blind date goes awry in She Said Lenny by Jim Donovan; Young urbanites called The Macho Girls stage “gas heists” in Geoffrey Pugen’s Sahara Sahara; In Daniel Kash’s Flip Phone, three bridesmaids share a memorable car ride to a wedding; The Girlfriend Interviews by Cassandra Nicolaou is a mockumentary about one woman’s search for her next girlfriend; And a literal battle of the sexes unfolds in a barroom brawl of balletic proportions in Slow Dance by Joe Cobden.