Continuity Problems (2009)

Province: Ontario
Discipline(s): Drama
Duration: 00:06:00
Credit(s): Ian Tuason, Writer/Director

Philip J Bennett, Composer

Dale Hildebrand, Director of Photography

Mark Sanders, Editor

Mitchell Lackie, Editor

Elle Downs, Actor

Jo Chim , Actor

Jonas Chernick, Actor

Patrick McKenna, Actor

Rishma Malik, Actor

Sandy Kellerman, Actor

Sarain Boylan, Actor

Sandy Kellerman, Producer

SOK Productions, Production Company

Tuason Productions, Production Company

Description: A man’s relationships are paralleled by the film’s continuity: after breaking up with his girlfriend the film continuity begins to break and with each successive new date the film continuity worsens, until finally his only hope to regain continuity is to re-examine his past love.