The Almond Sorters (2009)

Province: Ontario
Discipline(s): Music
Duration: 00:05:59
Credit(s): Sibel Guvenc, Writer/Director

Michael Occhipinti, Composer

Rudolf Blahacek, Director of Photography

James Blokland, Editor

Emrah Kent, Actor

Talia Azzano, Actor

Venus F Gennaro, Actor

Yasmin Kiraz, Actor

The Sicilian Jazz Project, Band

Dominic Mancuso, Musician

Roberto Occhipinti, Bass

Michael Occhipinti, Guitar

Ernie Tollar, Saxophone

Maryem Tollar, Vocals

Louis Simao, Accordion

Barry Romberg, Percussion

Sibel Guvenc, Producer

Chris Cunningham, Line Producer

Kybele Films, Production Company

Description: A recently widowed Don Giovanni is quickly remarried, much to the opposition of his young daughter.