We Don’t Want Your Body (2011)

Province: Ontario
Discipline(s): Music
Theme(s): Pop
Duration: 00:03:23
Credit(s): Benjamin Weinstein, Director

Stars, Band

Amy Millan, Musician

Chris Seligman, Musician

Evan Cranley, Musician

Patrick McGee, Musician

Torquil Campbell, Musician

Kojo Mayne, Choreographer

Brendan Steacy, Director of Photography

Monica Remba, Editor

Al Kabia, Actor

Gayla Goshulak, Actor

Kailash Persaud, Actor

Kent Leckie, Actor

Kevin Zammit, Actor

Lucy Cerantola, Actor

Mark Boikovitis, Actor

Michael Kwao, Actor

Mona Poursaleh, Actor

Renaldo Gairy, Actor

Shannon Byers, Actor

Steven Olema, Actor

Cherie Sinclair, Producer

Sandra Cassaro, Producer

The Field, Production Company

Description: Boy meets girl in the weirdo, freaky-deaky world of hard core bodybuilding.